About & FAQ’s

Who are you?
Hi there! Nice to meet you. Though we have probably met before if you’ve traveled about the Sims Community. My name is Amanda, but you may have seen me on various Sims forums under the name of maikswife or mightyminimoose. My main home in the Sims community is Neighborhood 99, where I once helped out as a moderator and did the community finds for several years. I also had a short stint on Examiner.com as The Sims Examiner.

How do I put the files into my game?
You will need WinZip or another similar program to open our files.  You can download a free trial copy of Winzip from the Winzip website.  Extract the file following the instructions provided by your decompression software.  Once extracted, do one of the following:

For Houses – Double-click on the .Sims2Pack file and follow instructions given by the Maxis Installer.

For Objects, Walls and Floors – Move the extracted files to your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder.

The recolored objects are not appearing in my game.  Why?
Make sure you have downloaded the mesh, either available here on the site or by following the link to the site of the mesh creator.
You will also need the Color Enable Package (CEP) for many of the recolors available on this site.  You can download the CEP files from Mod the Sims.
Last, but not least, make sure you have the required expansion pack for that particular mesh.  If an expansion is not specified on this site, please check the site of the mesh creator for more information.

What is the policy for using the files on this site?
Houses – Please do not upload houses to the exchange.  Please do not upload them to another site and claim they are your own creation.

Recolors – You are free to use the recolors available on this site in your lot packages and exchange them freely.  These recolors must remain free.  If you use them in a lot that will be a pay file, please direct downloaders back to this site so they can download the needed files for free.  Credit is always appreciated, but not needed.

Meshes – At this point, all meshes available on this site are made by other creators.  In many cases, written permission was given to allow use of their meshes in these creations.  Please check their read-me files or sites to view their individual policies on usage of their mesh files.  The free use policy of this site does not extend to their meshes.

Is Basically Amused Sims a file-share friendly site?
Yes.  Feel free to share my files via email or instant message programs.  I am a member of Neighborhood 99 and encourage file sharing through their POBS, but you are free to exchange elsewhere as needed.


Why do some (most) files say Seriously Amused Sims?
It’s a long story.  Read the family-friendly version of it here.