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October 9, 2017

I used to work nights.  I usually got home shortly before the time Hannah woke up.   We generally talked a bit online while I wound down from my day and she geared up for hers.  Occasionally (frequently), I suffered from insomnia and my body wouldn’t wind down, so my brain would just give up and go to bed without it.  Not that this information really makes that much difference to my story about these rugs.

These rugs started innocently enough: I saw a picture of a little girl’s bedroom with a frog rug next to her bed.  It was cute.  I liked it.  I fired up SimPE.  Once the frog came into existence, I tried to think of other ‘girly’ things to make and ended up with flowers and a ladybug.  I showed Hannah what I had been working on when she got online and she asked for a peace sign.  Then fatigue set in and I started to get a little slap-happy.  First I made the egg rug.  It was sort of fun and kitschy.  But eggs require bacon.  Not being one to mess with the natural order of things, I made some.  Hannah suggested maybe it was time I went to bed.

Looking back now, I really wish I had thought to make a rug that looked like pancakes so we could have had a full breakfast.

The rugs are based on the Maxis braided oval rug mesh, so nothing extra to download.  As mentioned above, the egg and bacon slices are actually two separate rugs.  I just schmushed them together for the picture using the moveobjects cheat code.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims on April 15, 2008.

Fun Rugs


  1. Yay! Someone liked the bacon and egg rugs! lol Glad you liked them.

    Thank you for all the kind comments you leave.

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