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Garden Friends Children’s Mini Room Set

October 8, 2017

I usually try to give a little back story when I post an update.  I think it’s fun to share the why and how on the creation of the various objects.  I’d love to do that here, but, for the life of me, I can’t remember making this set.  It’s my style, my templates, my initials on the files, so obviously I made it.  Would that I could actually remember doing it.  I even checked the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to see if I said anything interesting and/or amusing about the set when it was first released that might trigger my memory.  It has no record for that update.  Hmm. (cue the Twilight Zone music…)

All that being said, the set exists and, I must say, it’s rather cute.  Chalk one up for past-me.  The set contains:

  • Four colors of quilted bedding
  • Four matching colors of walls, with and without bead board paneling
  • The eternal mystery of when and why I made them

    Well, the when isn’t so much a mystery since the files have dates on them.  And the why is probably because it’s cute, so not much mystery there really.  Huh.  What a boring set.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims on June 22, 2010.  (No mystery on that since I still have the original update graphic.)

Garden Friends Bedding & Wall Set

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