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Padre333 “Hannah” Mesh Set

September 24, 2017

Hannah and I are polar opposites in some ways, one being she is an extrovert and I am an introvert.  While I hide behind my computer screen, Hannah reaches through her’s and pokes people until they talk to her.  One person she poked was Padre333.

Hannah, as many will remember (or may have figured out already if you weren’t around for the original site), is a big fan of Mid-Century Modern decor.  One of her favorite custom content creators for Sims 2 is Padre333, MCM-mesher extraordinaire.  She reached out and poked him one day to tell him how much she enjoyed his work.  I don’t remember what all transpired after that, but it eventually led to me receiving an email from Hannah with this set attached and a note saying: “it’s OURS Amanda – for our groovy little site.  :)”  Apparently you get gifts when you’re an extrovert.  Who knew?

The forwarded email from Padre333 stated:

Attached is a loveseat, 3-tile wide curtain (though uses one tile only) and an armchair. Anyone may clone, recolour, destroy, deconstruct etc.”


So there you have it!  Or you will once you download it below.

In my actual home, I don’t think I have a piece of wood that matches any other piece of wood — and I like it that way.  In game, that sort of thing drives me twitchy.  So, I made Maxis-match recolors of the sofa and chair frames:


Don’t ask me which pieces of in-game furniture they match, other than the pictured end table.  I named them after the wood names Maxis provides instead of the furniture sets like all the other times I did Maxis-match recolors.  It made sense at the time.  Now?  Well, it will be a pleasant surprise for you to discover, sort of like an in-game Easter egg.

The frames are not the only thing I recolored.  There will be much more to come over the next few days: recolors of all three pieces, recolors of the sofa and chair only, recolors of curtains only.  It will be a running theme for the week.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims on May 5, 2008.

I said it then and I’ll say once again: Thank you very much, Padre333, for such a lovely gift!

Padre333’s “Hannah” Mesh Set

Maxis-match wood recolors



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