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Retro 70’s Kitchen Floral Wallpaper

September 22, 2017

And back to the 70’s we go!  I remember several kitchens with wallpapers similar to this back in the day.  Complete with dark wood cabinets and a big, red apple clock.  My grandmother’s kitchen had wallpaper with a similar feel, though her’s had more green and yellow to it.  Still, this wallpaper makes me feel all nostalgic when I look at it.  She also had a music box that had a phone cradle on it so you could put someone ‘on hold’ when you had to put the phone down for a few minutes.  That has nothing to do with this wallpaper, but I always thought it was one of the neatest inventions ever made when I was a kid.  Yep, getting nostalgic.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims in November 2007.

Retro Kitchen Multi-Floral Wallpaper Set


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