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BHG-ish Dining Room Set

September 16, 2017

I’m going to make a confession here: I subscribe to Better Homes and Garden just to get ideas for my Sims game.  I rarely read the articles, I just rip out pictures I like for future reference.  Sometimes I find recipes I like, but yeah, it’s mainly all about the pictures.  I subscribed to Southern Living for the same reason, but Better Homes and Garden has better ideas.  Maybe it’s because I’m a northerner?

This dining room set was inspired by one of those pictures.  I’ve managed to lose the original magazine picture over the years, but I’m guessing it was rather green in design.  Not sure what makes me think that.  Hmmm…

So what’s in this set?

Tables and Chairs


Buffet and Various Decor


Rugs (Maxis Recalling 3 X 3 mesh)


Hanging Lamp


Walls, Green Carpeting, and Wood Floors


All Maxis meshes, so you don’t need anything other than the game itself to use these items.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims on November 2, 2008.


BHG-ish Dining Room Set (all items)

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