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Red Chicken Wallpaper & Beadboard Set

September 14, 2017

As discussed in the previous post, I am amused by chickens.  While I can’t say I am amused by beadboard paneling, I can say I like it.  Quite a bit.  It’s quaint and charming.  Combining these two – chickens and beadboard – just seemed like a natural thing to do.  My brain pictures it in a country kitchen or family restaurant.  Some place where you could get chicken and dumplings, another natural combination.


*** October 12, 2017 – I fixed the issue with the chickens not lining up correctly across all pieces.  Please download again.  The new files will not overwrite the previous files.  I’m a problem child, I know.

Red Chicken Wallpaper & Beadboard Set (fixed)



  1. I am always looking for cute kitchen wallpaper for my Sims kitchens-I’d like to think they would thank me if they could haha

    1. Your Sims seem a little more agreeable that mine. I always set them free in a new place and they do that nauseated gag in response. lol

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