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Retro Colored Espresso Machines

September 1, 2017

Many moons ago, I received an email from Hannah.  She was having a serious problem with one of her houses: The espresso machine was throwing off the entire kitchen.  In fact, this had been a problem in the past, but now it had become unbearable.  Her Sims needed strong coffee.  She wanted to know if I could fix it.  This was a problem because I don’t drink coffee and therefore don’t really know how to make it.  She suggested perhaps I could just recolor the machine.  Obviously Hannah needed some strong coffee too.

Everyone was much happier and well caffeinated by the next morning when the espresso machines in several retro colors arrived.  Which brings me to this question: Who in the world ever looked at Harvest Gold and said, “This is an amazing color.  Let’s start a trend!”  Even more bewildering is why did people agree with him?  Of course, it was the 70’s.  A lot happened then that people are still trying to comprehend.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims for our opening, which I finally figured out was on September 17, 2007.

Retro Espresso Machines

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