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Recolors of Mummysim’s Fusion Wall Lamp

September 30, 2017

Just a little intermission before starting round two of the “Hannah” set recolors,  Sort of like the download halftime show.  Stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, get a snack.  Feel better? Have I mentioned before that I really like Mummysim’s creations?  If you’ve missed that bit of trivia, I’ll state it again: I love Mummysim’s […]

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Ack! Ads!

Here are a couple facts about me: I hate ads on websites. I really hate ads on websites. I’m broke.   As much as I hate to put ads on my pretty, ad-free website, I have had to do it so I can afford to keep it going in the future.  I’m disabled and have […]

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Padre333 “Hannah” Set: Sofa & Chair Recolors

September 28, 2017

I’m tired today, so we’re going to skip hanging more curtains and sit down for a bit.  These recolors are ‘stand alone’ for the sofa and chair, meaning they do not have curtains to match.  The patterns here were a little too subtle for the curtains and just looked wrong.  Sometimes ‘wrong’ can be good, […]

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