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Ultra Shag Carpet

August 28, 2017

Back before Seriously Amused Sims was dreamed up, there were two friends, Hannah and Amanda, who emailed each other things.  Hannah sent houses because Amanda didn’t like to build, and Amanda sent stuff to go in those houses because Hannah liked stuff.  It was a relationship that worked, especially because it gave both of of them something to do on the weekends other than housework.

One weekend, Amanda sent something that Hannah thought changed the Sim world as she knew it.  Or at least gave her a new reason to decorate houses instead of cleaning her living room.  Behold!  Sims could now live in the way any true 1970’s Sim should live — with their feet buried in deep shag carpeting.

Now your Sims can live the dream, too!  This is something new, because for some reason these carpets never made it on to Seriously Amused Sims.  Anyone who downloaded Hannah’s houses had a good selection of them, but not the set itself.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

There are some duplicates in colors because the shag is different — you have shag carpet and then you have deep shag carpet.  Either way, be sure to set the power head brushes on your downloaded vacuums to the HIGH setting.

Ultra Shag Carpet – all colors


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