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Is It Cream? Curtain Recolors

August 27, 2017

Exciting update today! Slightly different variations of the same curtain.

Why do I have five very close in color curtain recolors?  Basically because two people do not have the same idea of what ‘cream’ actually means.  Especially if they live in two different countries, as SimGoddessByline (Bibi) and I found out one day.

I had made some multi-color recolors of CTNutmegger’s Bowtie Curtain mesh and must have posted something about them on Neighborhood 99.  Bibi asked, since I had the file open in SimPE already, if I would be kind enough to make an all cream version for her.  Inadvertently, we had just started a dialogue that would broaden our cultural understandings and horizons.  Okay, not really.  We exchanged several emails and, after cream, dark cream, and buttercream, all of which she referred to as yellow, I finally hit on what she said people in Sweden consider cream: off white.  Good to know.  I threw in the white just to complete the set.

I usually put whatever I make into my own game and was surprised to find I actually had use for all five variations.  While I am sure I could have lived with a single version of both cream and white, I found each of the recolors made a slight change in how a room looked and felt while decorating and playing.  So, I have zipped them all up and uploaded them here so you, too, can spend far too much of your time trying to decide between cream #1 or cream #2.  That’s after you first decide if you want to go with American cream or Swedish cream.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims when we first started the website (2007).

You will need to download CTNutmegger’s Bowtie Draperies mesh from ModtheSims.

Cream and White Recolors of CTNutmegger’s Bowtie Curtain Mesh 



  1. Thanks for sharing and I love your stories about your creations. Of course in looking at the set where the Bowtie Curtains are I thought-hmmm-I don’t remember downloading this lovely set in 2005 or even later? So then I had to look in my files to see if I have the set on this computer–nada! I will cut this comment off now as I have some important downloading to do 🙂

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