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My Very First Objects

August 20, 2017

I was strolling down Nostalgia Lane this evening while looking for a post over at Neighborhood 99 with some paintings I had made several years ago.  I never did find that thread, but, to my horror and amusement, I found I had shared the very first objects I ever made.  Oddly enough, it apparently wasn’t enough to make one disturbing item.  No, I had made an entire set!

Normally, I would have linked to the post out of respect for Neighborhood 99, but I discovered I had offered the downloads by means of a free Homestead account I had set up years before and the links still work.  I didn’t even know Homestead still existed, let alone I had an active account there.  Don’t they ever shut people down for non-usage???

So no, I am not linking.  I will, however, quote:

In an effort to make everyone’s game as tacky as my own, I present the breakfast set…

These are my first objects, so I apologize if they’re a little odd looking in any way.

All are file share friendly.


I am beyond amused that I specified they were ‘file share friendly’.

Several of the responses amused me with their talk of ‘Mom and Pop’ diners, planned use for the N99 forum ‘hood that was going on at the time, a comment from me stating I was pleased someone downloaded the set because my (now ex-)husband had called it “scary”, and one person stating it looked similar to the wallpaper in her actual kitchen.  Hmm.  One response in particular made me laugh:


You have no idea how you’ve just cursed my game…Ares is sitting here and he KNOWS I will not download objects but the wallpaper on the other hand *lmfao* He knows that he can have the “egg paper”

Priceless absolutely priceless!


Ares is her son who was rather young at the time (he’s a young man now!) and had an interesting decorating style.  All is well if you can make a child happy, I guess.  Especially if you can give yourself a good laugh over a decade later in the process.


*This message brought to you by muscle relaxants and pain medication.  I am sure had I not been medicated, you never would have seen this.


    1. Are you sure?? lol Give me a little bit to find the thread on N99 again and I will email you the link. It might take me a couple days to get back to you, but be assured I haven’t forgotten.

    1. ‘Tantalize’ is not the word I would use here. Disturb. Frighten. Scar for life (that’s four words, but a single concept).

      You have email.

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