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Allyson’s Mountain Town Neighborhood Terrain

August 19, 2017

Way back when, a fellow moderator at Neighborhood 99, myaimistrue (Allyson), asked for a tweak of the Maxis Three Lakes neighborhood terrain.  She loved the terrain, but it was lacking a few things in her mind.  So she gave me a list of what she wanted and I reworked until it matched the terrain of her dreams.  And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaa!  (Monty Python reference…never mind).

To quote Allyson when she was describing the terrain to someone else:

I have a nice whole row of lakefront lots down in the front, and then lots of nice mountainous areas, and you could probably shove a waterfall in there somewhere.


What else is there to say?

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims on June 21, 2009.

Allyson’s Mountain Town Neighborhood Terrain


To install it into your game you will need to put the unzipped file in the following folder:
My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SC4Terrains
(This may be slightly different depending on which version of Windows you have, but you will find the SC4Terrains folder in the same Sims 2 folder where your Downloads and Storytelling folders are located.)

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