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“Smooth Edges” is NOT an Option, but That’s OK

August 12, 2017

A couple years ago, my life got a little odd.  And then my computer died.  Not that there was a connection between the two.  Though my grandmother probably would have found one.  “Bad things always happen in threes,” she would have said. “Just look at the way celebrities die!”  We won’t mention the fact the water tank on my boiler furnace ruptured about the same time.

Anyway, I went a few months without a computer until, one very rainy afternoon, my mother called to tell me to turn on QVC.  She then wondered once again if I was in fact her child or had I been mistakenly switched at birth when I had to consult the cable directory to find out which channel QVC was on. (I also don’t eat when I’m stressed.  My sister thinks I’m an alien.)  There on QVC was a Dell laptop, all bright and new and with the price at deep discount, “but only for the next 15 minutes so call now!”  My mother wanted to introduce me to my father’s new computer.  Believe me, my father purchasing any form of technology is a call-worthy event.  And then the oddest thing happened — my father asked if I wanted one, too.  I heard my mother say, “Really? Are you serious?”  And then she told me, “He’s serious.  Don’t argue, just take it.”  So they hung up and I watched on QVC as the number of computers sold went up one more.

Time went by and my life remained odd, until one day it suddenly wasn’t.  And then I started a website.  (There was a definite connection between those two).  Two weeks into the website, I decided maybe I should finally attempt to install Sims 2 on my computer.  Last night at my house looked like this:

A huge stack of Sims 2 expansion packs, a tablet with Township on it, and everything else a complete blur.

My night went like this:

Google “how to install Sims 2 on Windows 10”.  Find something that says it works fine on Windows 10, just install like any other program.  Base game actually installs.  Patch gives an error message and fails to install.  Uninstall Sims 2 base game.

Google “How to patch Sims 2 on Windows 10”.  Find something on the Microsoft website that explains how to do it, which involves downloading files to overwrite the files that require patching so the game doesn’t need to patch.  This works until I get to Glamour Life, at which point I can’t install anything.  Or uninstall.  Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the game exists on my machine.

Google “can’t uninstall a program on Windows 10”.  Find a download on the official Microsoft website claiming to be a fix for the problem.  It lied.  Spend the next hour playing Township on my tablet and watching Star Trek Enterprise on Netflix while the laptop goes through a system restore.

Google “how to install Sims 2 on Windows 10” again.  Find a result linking to something on ModtheSims about installing on Windows 8.  Close enough.  Read directions.  They include downloading another program called Grumpy Loader (this sounds promising) and making sure you have chocolate.  I grab a box of chocolate Chex cereal and start following directions.

Always trust ModtheSims.  I repeat: ALWAYS TRUST MODTHESIMS!  The next several hours involved several more episodes of Enterprise, moving up a level on Township, several turns on Words with Friends, and finishing off what was left of the chocolate Chex and starting on a box of blueberry Chex, but the end result was an installed game!  On a side note, my night also involved a lot of this:

I’ve learned not to try to figure out what I’ve done to deserve the stare and just try to ignore it.  Not as easy as one might think.

About the time the Enterprise crew blew up an alien repair station, I successfully installed Mansions & Gardens, started up the game, and breathed a sigh of relief when it didn’t crash.

Turns out I don’t have a great video card for the game, which I figured might be the case, but as the computer was a gift I am not going to complain!  My featured pictures for the downloads might not be as clear and detailed as they were on my old computer, but I can make new things to feature and that’s what makes me happy.

And the reason all of this started last night in the first place?  I really wanted to put these pool slats on the website and needed a picture of them.  Seriously.


Many thanks to Kayinwonderland of ModtheSims for her detailed and helpful post on getting Sims 2 to work in Windows 8 (and, thankfully, Windows 10).  And to whomever on ModtheSims took the time to make all the official patches available.  I couldn’t find my backup of those and am very grateful they were still available online.  And to Cyd Roseland and Porthos for once again being there to be my in-game testers (Porthos appears in some of the Seriously Amused Sims pictures that will be in some future updates).

  1. Love this story and so happy you got the computer and made it work for Sims 2. The one giving you that stare is very cute. 🙂

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