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Pool Slats

August 12, 2017

These are new, despite the fact they are actually pretty old.

I made this flooring in response to a post in the “Where Can I Find” section of Neighborhood 99.  A member with the username Trilink2002 was looking for some decking that she had seen in a picture for a website update, but had not been able to download due to computer issues.  Once her computer was finally repaired, she couldn’t find the post with the update in it.  We tried to help her find which file it might have been, and came up with some good options.  When we couldn’t find exactly what she had wanted, I offered a consolation prize by making her some decking and posted them in that thread.  And there they sat, never making it to Seriously Amused Sims.  I always meant to upload them, but never got around to it.

Wooden Pool Decking


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