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Surf Shack Bedroom Set

August 10, 2017

This set started when I saw a wall in a magazine advertisement and thought it would look good in the game.  I recreated the wall, then decided it needed flooring to go with it.  Then I got the idea that bedding would look good with the walls and flooring.  Since I was making new bedding, why not recolor a bed?  The bed needed tables and a dresser to match.  Of course you need wall decor.  It sort of got out of hand from there.

What’s included in the set?

Random furniture:

Three dresser recolors:

Six types of bedding:

Four sizes of rugs:

Wall decor and lights (additional frame colors included):


Two walls, one wood flooring and five carpets:

So what’s the deal with the lettering in the pictures?  Well, I hate having English in my game as it feels like it takes me out of their world and back into mine.  The original posters said things like ‘Waikiki’ and ‘Aloha’, so I used a downloaded font that was labeled ‘Simlish’ to change the lettering from English into something foreign.  It’s how my brain works…just go with it.

All ‘Maxis’ meshes, so you don’t need anything other than the game itself.  I’ll be uploading additional padding options for the Bon Voyage bed headboard within the next few days.

This set was originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims in April 2008.


Surf Shack Room Set (all items)


Don’t forget the Hawaiian showers for the en suite!

I’ve uploaded additional recolors of the bed headboard:
Bon Voyage Hotel Bed Recolors
More Bon Voyage Hotel Bed Recolors


    1. Thank you for your kind comments on this post and others.
      I have been meaning to do more recolors of the surf board. I’ll try to get around to it soon.

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