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55 Havana Blvd

July 31, 2017

I believe this house was the single occasion I posted a house to Seriously Amused Sims instead of Hannah.  She, of course, was the master builder of our duo, but she insisted I release this one.  This is what I had to say about the lot when it was originally posted:


Lot Name: 55 Havana Blvd (though it will just say Vacation Lot when you install it…funny story there).
Lot Size: 3X5 Beach Lot
Price: §79,995

Two bedroom, two bath home on the ocean, complete with massage table for total tropical pleasure.  Cabana boy not included (heavy sigh).

Custom Content:
None.  Pure Maxis.

Built with all expansions and stuff packs up to Bon Voyage and Teen Style Stuff installed.  Per recent testing if you don’t have one of the Maxis stuff packs, and I use items from one of the packs, if you download a lot containing stuff pack objects, all you will get is an empty space where the item should be.  No crashing has been reported.


I have no idea what the funny story was as to why it says ‘Vacation Lot’ when you install it, which is a real bummer since I could use a funny story about now.  If you have a funny Sims story, feel free to share it.

Here’s the realtor-style tour:


55 Havana Blvd

  1. This is really nice. I love the angled wall at the entry and the way you left the entry deck unfenced. It doesn’t need a fence there. The house sits beautifully on that size beach lot too. Thank you!

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