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Recolors of CTNutmegger’s Waterbed Mesh

July 30, 2017

Your Sims had a shower with the previous update, so now it’s time for bed!  The surf’s still up, because it’s a waterbed!  Recolors of CTNutmegger’s waterbed, to be exact.

These were done as a request from Hannah when we were working together on Seriously Amused Sims.  As our old visitors will recall, Hannah was (and still is) hard-core retro!  But she’s also fastidious and needed things to match.  So she asked if I would create some ‘Maxis Match’ recolors of her favorite waterbed mesh.  And that’s how these four sets were born.

Originally uploaded to Seriously Amused Sims for our opening in September 2007.

You will need to download the mesh from ModtheSims, since it is not included with my recolors.

Maxis Sentinel Match  Maxis Good Butler Match
Maxis Inner Atmos Match  Maxis Country Comfort Match

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