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July 26, 2017

…there was a site called Seriously Amused Sims.  It offered downloads for Sims 2 and everyone was happy. Then life happened and the site was no more…mainly because someone forgot to renew the domain name and an evil ogre snatched it up and offered it back to said someone for over $300.  So said someone bought a new domain name for $5 with a coupon code and everyone was basically content with the idea, especially since it included cheaper hosting complete with one-click WordPress install which never actually functioned properly on the old site’s host.  And Basically Amused Sims lived happily ever-after…or at least for three years when the domain name and hosting will need to be renewed again.  A calendar alarm has been set.


R.I.P.   Seriously Amused Sims 2007-2013

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